Monday, August 1, 2011

Voodoo JAK...I'm Not Done with Bad Boys

Five years ago, I was living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and a friend was forced to sell off many of her horses due to a fight she was engulfed in with county zoning.  She mentioned a horse named "Milk" she thought I might like and would I come see him?  She'd give me a deal if I paid cash that day.  So, off I went.  Oh no, love at first sight!
Then I rode him.  He is gaited and smooth as silk.  I quickly became the proud owner of an American Saddlebred.    He had just been gelded after being bred to one of her Mount Taylor Mustangs and full of sass.  He was reactive.  No problem.  This has never bothered me.  Pay attention.  Anticipate.  Ride through it and break habits.  Yep, I can handle this.  Now, the name issue.  Milk?  Really?  Nope, "Voodoo" I decide because it's like Voodoo magic- my ride can be good or it can be bad.  Better give my dad some credit for adding some funds to the purchase price as my birthday present.  His initals, " JAK". 

I rode him all around the arroyos in New Mexico and then with friends in Oklahoma.  He loved to go fast or to walk.  The middle speeds were of no interest.  He'd pull and prance and he a brat.  One day we came to water and that took several hours but we conquered it after rearing and a whole lot of "I don't want to."  Nothing is ever easy.

Then my life changed.  Significantly.  I had to move, re-establish my career and overcome some personal life battles.  Voodoo got some time off.  One day after work, I got on him and I did not really know this horse.  All I could think was, "Wow is he barn sour."  No fun and not safe.  I need to find an enviroment I can ride him with friends and get him back under control.

Several months earlier, into my life walk Leah ( and Heather Harmon of Iron Ridge Sport Horses (  Every Sunday, we all get together and have a Pony Party.  We just enjoying being with horses, being with each other and helping each other if we want or need it. Long story short, Voodoo moved up to Heather's so I could ride him in her arena and we could see what they heck he pulling.  And thus begins the adventures of Kris and Voodoo!

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  1. Wait! Who are you and what have you done with my friend Kristen!

    Hey, my bad boy still tugs at my heartstrings. I will always love that horse. I know how it is. I really do.